Tattoo Ideas? 5 Ways to find tattoo ideas

Where to find tattoo ideas?

Wondering where to find your next tattoo idea - easy,
we are here to help. There are many shortcuts to find a tattoo idea, but we advise you to make a deep search as a tattoo work is an intimate piece of art that will stay with you for many years to come. Here is how to do it

5 Ways to find tattoo ideas 



As a visual-based platform, Instagram is the best source to find tattoo ideas. Most of the tattoo artists and studios are running pages full of recent tattoo works. ne metter if you are looking for tattoo ideas for men, small tattoo ideas or cute tattoo ideas on Instagram you can find almost every thing your looking for.

2. Use tags to explore.

Let’s say you have a tattoo style or general idea of a topic you into, on Instagram search bar you can find endless tattoo options around your tattoo topic. For example, if you are into a tattoo with an animal - start following this tag #animaltattoos . if you look tattoo ideas for girls you can go to #tattooideasforgirls or you can get more specific with #dogstattoos. This method will apply for almost every topic you have in ideas simple.

tattoos instagram tag serach

3. Explore tattoo trends.

If you have a specific tattoo style in mind you can easily find it on Instagram, for example, #ignorantstyletattoos, #homemadetattoo, #blackworktattoos, #nativetatttos #tattooclothing - start following your favorite tattoo style and you will start getting interesting ideas on your search tab.

how to find best tattoo idieas berlin tattoo ideas

4. Search Local

Wish to explore which interesting tattoo artists working in your city? or specific style like berlin style tattoo? let say you want to find the best tattoo artists in berlin, London new york or Paris? 

after local hashtag like #londontattoos, #berlintattoos, #paristattoos, #newyorktattoos, and so on, you be able to locate tattoo artists around your city after you find the right one for you we advise to set an appointment in his studio and ask to see more works - most likely you will find your new ink!

how to find local tattoo artists

5. Check out Love_your_mom_net Instagram account.

If you are into ignorant style tattoos, tattoos clothing fashion, or wild tattoos, in general, we advise you to look into our account that updates daily with works from world tattoo artists.



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