Top 10 Streetwear Face Masks

Top 10 Streetwear Face Mask

One of the most influential niches of the street and street fashion - is the world of tattoos and Tattooer.

In fact, Tattooers are the cultural heroes of the street life and fashion - by experiencing everyday life and translating it into a visual form as tattoos artworks, one of the most trendy tattoo niches in recent years is the Ignorant Style Tattoos which actually undermines the traditional tattoo world with unobtrusive aesthetics that includes tattoos artworks with a wild graphic line, inaccurate and careless.

Tattooing as a practice has long been associated with social outsiders as a sign of rebellion. Donned by criminals, prisoners, bikers, and prostitutes they used to have connotations with deviant behaviour.

In recent years, however, the tattoo fashion has entered the mainstream and become socially acceptable for the masses, as a cursory glance along with any Streetwear or in any magazine reveals. A 2015 survey showed that one-fifth of all U.S and U.K adults have been inked, with 30% of 25- to 39-year-olds having at least one tattoo. It'd be quicker to name check the models without than those with. As the popularity of the artform increased, and tattoos have appeared on more and more bodies, they are no longer considered taboo.

We have collected 10 examples of Fashionable face masks designed by tattoo artists from all over the world who inspire us with their take on COVID and live under the corona various situation, all masks are available for purchase - when 50% of the profits go to 'direct relief' organization which helping with supporting healthcare workers, quarantined and especially vulnerable individuals hit be corona around the world.



9. AUTO CHRIST - Israel 


auto christ streetwear face mask

 8. WEISSTUB - Netherlands 



5. TAMAR BAR - Isreal 


3. KANFIEL - Israel 

2. R_U_I_N_ - Austria


1. KAZISVET - Czech Republic



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