Graphic Tees

Graphic Tees: The culture and fashion story around this style

 If we talk about graphic t-shirts design, then it has reached an important milestone. In the 21st century, the style has taken a new turn. It won't be wrong if we say that it is the dawn of the graphic design. If we look around, we can predict the new era of graphic ts and designing that is yet to come. However, the creativity and innovation of the graphic t designers are touching new skies. So, when we talk about the graphic t-shirts then how can we overlook the following; 

What are Graphic Tees designing?

Graphic t designing is like the visual communication that expresses the designs in the following ways;

  • Typography 
  • Photography 
  • Iconography 
  • And illustration 

However, the graphic designers create symbols, images, and text to represent the ideas visually. Above all, this type of design is widely using these days to deliver messages innovatively.

Graphic Tees designing and history;

Historically the cycle of the designing works in a circle. However, if the designer isn't aware of the past fashions and styles, it's impossible to move forward. Though the trends seem to rise and fall with the time. But the central concept behind the type remains the same. It same happens in graphic design. There are lots of different fields to take help for designing such as;

  • Film 
  • Fashion 
  • Politics 
  • Music 
  • Or the general society around us 

But the component of each style could be different and based on certain elements. Apart from this, there are many different styles, and each design has other features. 

What are the different styles of graphic design for t-shirts?

Read the following section to know styles of Graphic Tees designing that are famous in 2020. Apart from this, we will elaborate on the elements that create the whole look;

tattoo clothing t-shirt

Tattoo inspired Graphic Tees

We discussed earlier that it is the 21st century, where everyone wants to make their statement. Many people like to live with a tattoo. However, for this purpose, they engrave a tattoo on their skin. But styling doesn't complete without making an impression with tattoo styled clothing.  

However, this style is trendy among the people who want to carry a fantastic graphic on their clothes. We can merge the tattoo-style clothing with the famous "Art Design" from the 1930s. After 1930 this style remained active in 1940-1960 in the USA. However, these idealized abstract art, cartoons, and illustration technique are enough to attract people.


  • Contrasting images, fonts, and designs
  • Cartoons, music, or abstract art
  • And People or art in dramatic shape with different shades 

People can design tattoo-inspired graphic t-shirts according to their choice.

Streetwear Graphic Tees designing 

Like tattoo-inspired designing, many people like to wear something lite and street style. However, this style takes inspiration from graffiti and other street art techniques to create an appealing design. However, most of the designers combine the images from the 70s, 80s, and 90s punk style. It won't be wrong if we say that streetwear is a mixture of punk scenes, neonates, and grungy. But in 2020, the street styling is doing wonders with skills of graphic designing. Apart from this, there are many DIY aesthetics to make the street style more attractive. 

Examples of streetwear: Friends TV Unisex ts, Doggy style t-shirtNike meme “don’t do it” t-shirt


Graphic Tees




  • Textures and background images 
  • Handwritten and hand-drawn elements
  • Dirty stains irregular lines 
  • And Aesthetic textures with effects 

Some other graphic t-shirts designing ideas:

Apart from this, there are many different styles of graphic t-shirts. However, we are highlighting below for knowledge;

Always think twice before choosing your style because it is the thing that will stand you out among the crowd. So, choose a credible brand that offers terrific designs with excellent quality.