Tattoo Clothing

Love your mom shop offer wide range of tattoo inspired t shirts, hoodies, sweatshirt and home decor in collaboration with the best tattoo artist from around the world. 

In their ubiquity, tattoos have shed their rebellious origins. So what do they signify today? If they can no longer unite a social group in some counterculture, what place do they have in art? Fashion has adopted them. While apparel has always existed as a site for constructing identity, it has seen a marked resurgence as of late.

Tattooing has earned itself a place both in couture fashion houses around the globe and advertising campaigns. Fast fashion brands have even sold temporary tats. Tattoo imagery and alternative clothing has appeared on catwalks and this trend has intensified in recent years using tattooed models in their advertising campaigns. The blurring of boundaries between fashion and tattooing has inspired people of all ages and nationalities to adopt this kind of corporeal alteration.

Tattoo Clothing love your mom shop