Launching Coronavirus Donation Art Project

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Dear friends and customers 

We are launching a Coronavirus donation project.

As an “artist for artist” platform, we thought it’s our time to try and use our power to give something back to the community and of course try to support back the artists in these hard days.

We start a special t-shirts sale with the best underground artists for the following reasons:

  1. Helping the community - We donate 50% of the income to direct relief organization which helping with supporting healthcare workers, quarantined and especially vulnerable individuals hit be corona around the world -  you can read more about it here
  2. Make people smile! as many of us are now at quarantine or just working from home, we think putting a smile on their face or just a cool memory t-shirt from these crazy days can be nice.
  3. Support the artists - Many, if not all of the artist’s work is getting canceled nowadays. By buying this shirt you are helping artists by providing them with an alternative income.. 

The art concept - we asked our favorite artists to create artwork around the topic of Corona Virus ... the rustles are funny, sad, crazy and weird just like all of us feel at the moment ...  

You are welcome to check out the amazing design t shirts - get yourself one and give back to the community 💞💞💞

Shop Here - Corona Virus T Shirts support & donation art project

Artist taking part so far - list update all the time !

Auto Christ


Tamar Bar


Hila Angelica


Bastien Viandebleue

Mikki Schindler

Trash Todd






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